I've been tagged . . .

by Tonya (StampVamp) over at Stamp Happens. I am supposed to share 7 random things about myself, so here goes:

1. I am a lotion junkie. Dry skin (especially hands) creeps me out, what can I say??? I have no less than 20 bottles of lotion in my home at any given time. Most come from specialty stores, my favorite being Bath & Body Works. I am wearing Japanese Cherry Blossom today . . . ;)

2. My husband and I are complete polar opposites. We have absolutely nothing in common. We don't like the same foods, the same movies, the same activites - nothing!

3. Despite the fact that on paper we are totally incompatible, my husband and I have been (mostly) happily married for going on 8 years. Go figure - lol!

4. I wear socks practically 24-7. The only time I take them off is to shower or swim. And occasionally to wear sandals, but I *do not* walk around barefoot - ever. To show you how rare an occasion this is, my husband gets excited whenever he sees my "naked feet". . . *roll eyes*

5. I am extremely clumsy. I have the rare ability to injure myself in even the safest of situations. I have a running issue with the purse hook on the back of the restroom door at school . . .

6. I am a city girl stuck in the country. As I drive to work I pass dozens of cows, horses and orange groves. I secretly pretend they are skyscrapers, shopping centers, and streets crowded with people . . . ;)

7. I am a smoothie addict. In my quest to find a healthier (and slimmer) me, I have re-discovered these delicious frozen concoctions. I have had one for breakfast every day for the past 19 days. My husband even found me a Jamba Juice (the bestest smoothies ever!) book, complete with recipes, for Valentine's Day. It is seriously one of the best gifts I have ever received from him!

Now on with the tagging . . .

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Hope you enjoyed this fun little post. I'll be back soon with something stamped . . . *wink*


Lydia said...

Hey girrrrlll! Thanks for the tag! :)

I'm cracking up over your cow skyscrapers. I just told someone this morning that my fave commercial is that one where that girl is looking out through the moon roof of that car at St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Empire State building, etc. I too am a city girl at heart!

:) Happy stamping! Off to share some random things!!

Stampvamp said...

OMGosh...we have some randomness in common!!! I love lotion too...but I mainly "collect" it as I seem to always forget to put it on... B&BW Cherry Blossom (sans Japanese) is currently in my bathroom (with some from Yankee Candle...uh huh, I had to get some Clean Cotton cause I love the candles...and Gold Canyon Emerge which is divine.)

Clumsy!! HA!! I gave my daughter the middle name GRACE since I couldn't give her any in my genes. I'm totally *feeling* ya on this one (as I check my own bruises from doors that I manage to run into).

City girl in the country...yeah yeah yeah...I grew up in the "country" and hated it. GIVE ME THE CITY! Or at least a thriving suburb.

Have an awesome day and thanks for playing with me!

Jen said...

Loved reading your 7 random facts. I too was recently tagged.

Kathleen Summers said...

Your 7 were SUPER FUN to read! Thanks for sharing!

LOL at "naked feet"!


Toni said...

OMG! You are too funny! I didn't know half those things about you.
I love learning things like that about my friends. :)

Amanda Sewell said...

Thanks for tagging me. LMBO at the lotion thing -- I seriously need you here to yell at me to lotion my skin, I always forget and my hands were rashy and cracking today :(

Oh and the sock thing too -- I hate socks, like never wear them ever -- I SO need you to come be my mom ;)