As you wish . . .

I have received several requests for the pumpkin bread recipe, so here it is:,,FOOD_9936_4067,00.html

I dusted mine with some powdered sugar on top for just a touch of sweetness - yum! I have actually done a little stamping lately but it has mostly been for my DSS so I can't share it here just in case . . . But, I am going to my friend Kelly's house tonight to stamp and hopefully I will have something to show for it this time - lol! I have a bunch of things on my stampin' "to do" list!

So, remember when I promised somthing special for all of you who have stuck it out with me over the past few exhausting months??? Well, the next post will be my 200th post here on Inkfully Yours!!!!! Do you know what that means??? Be on the lookout sometime *early* next week for some Blog Candy!!!!!!!!! See you then! *wink*


AJ said...

I think I missed this~ I was wanting to try pumpkin bread and never found this recipe~
thanks for sharing!!!