UHU Review!

So, I was reading Debbie Olsen's fabulous blog, Thinking Inking (link at right), last week when I came across her review of a few UHU adhesive products. As I read through her post, she explained that she had gotten the samples for free! from Maria Filosa, simply for agreeing to review the products on her blog! What is even cooler, is that Maria and UHU were extending this offer to other bloggers willing to do the same. So, I emailed Maria and received a prompt response from Rebecca from UHU Public Relations and the samples arrived speedily as well. You might remember me mentioning my using them on the last few projects I have posted. So, here are my musings. I used the UHU Scrapbookers Pen on my Noel wall hanging to adhere the paper to the chipboard, and to adhere the cut out letters. The Scrapbookers Pen boasts a "super fast glue" that is "ideal for paper and cardboard", so I thought this would be a perfect project to try it out. While the glue was quick to dry, it was *not* so quick as to not allow me time to acheive the perfect positioning on my chipboard coaster! The packaging also says that it will not wrinkle paper, and I am happy to report that this is the case. Its precise applicator allows the user to easily control how much and where the glue is used, as it applies much like a pen, hence the name! The cap has a built in spire that when closed is inserted into the tip of the pen, so as to prevent clogging - a major plus! And the Scrapbookers Pen also boasts that it is washable, and while I did not have cause to try out this feature, it is a plus as well because who doesn't have an "oops" moment at some point? ;) Overall, I like it and while I don't think I would use it on my cards, it *will* save me $$$ because I usually use my mono on everything, and the UHU Scrapbookers Pen is really a better adhesive product for many of my 3-dimensional projects. Ok, onto the other product I was sent, the UHU twist & glue! I used this product for my chipboard coaster calendar, to adhere the patterned paper to the coasters and to the cardstock pages. I really like the applicator on this one! To open it you just twist in the middle by the arrow, and the top "pops" off. This leaves the applicator in the wide coverage position. This is how I used it in order to provide an even all-over coverage to my project. However, if you simply twist in reverse you will reveal a skinny, more precise applicator tip for fine coverage. The picture on the bottle shows that you can draw small lines, or dots with the glue in this position. Neat, huh? The twist & glue is an "all purpose" glue, and boasts such uses as paper, cardboard, wood, felt, and cork. It is also acid free, a great feature for long lasting projects, and non-toxic - a big plus for those with little ones around! I was a bit concerned at first when I applied the glue to the cardstock pages of my calendar, as they began to bend up. However, after I adhered the patterned paper to them, I placed them under a book to dry, and they flattened out perfectly. Not only that, but I think the twist & glue led to those pages being stronger and more durable than they would have be had I used my regular mono adhesive. As I intend to use the calendar for at least an entire year, this is a huge and unexpected plus! Overall, I am pleased with the UHU twist & glue as well! I was surprised to find that there are so many specialized UHU adhesives for crafting purposes. I still have an old UHU glue stic that is going strong after many years!!! I can't recall seeing these in a retail setting, but I will definitely be looking out for them in the future. I know that UHU also make a mono type adhesive runner because Debbie reviewed this product on her blog, and I am curious to give it a try!


Lisa said...

Wow, I wish i could get in on this. All my glue sticks are dryed up and unusable. I guess i'll need to look for these.